DIY Flower Crowns


diy flower crowns. 

Picture the perfect girl's night- a gaggle of your best friends, gorgeous tablescape filled with an array of blooming flowers + luscious greenery, delicious desserts, and the perfect real-life better-than-an-Instagram-filter flower crowns. We think it sounds pretty perfect too! That's why we made it happen and we couldn't be more obsessed, check out our night below. 

set up.jpg

the setup. 

One great thing about this night out is that your craft supplies double as your tablescape. Assortments of blooms, greenery, and fillers cascading through the middle of your table make an eye-catching centerpiece! Once you have the beautiful aspects of your night, you need the tools to make it happen. Head to your local hobby store and grab floral wire and wire cutters, you will probably need a couple pairs depending on how many people you have attending.  While it's not required, we think a few cocktails and light bites complete the perfect evening setup. 


the process. 

The perfect flower crown calls for a variety of flowers, make a bold statement by mixing colors or create a classic piece by choosing different types of flowers all in the same color. Once you decide on your design, it's time to get to work.

Start by wrapping the floral wire around your head and then add about two extra inches, cut with the wire cutters. Next, cut your flowers leaving a few extra inches at the bottoms. Use the floral tape to secure it to your wire, repeat until you have your desired crown. Twist both ends of the wire together and place on your head. 

Check out a few more photos from our soiree below. 


Want to host your own flower crown party? We can help! Ask us about picking up bouquets for your very own girl's night and follow our instructions below. Be sure to tag us in your creations on social media (@FoxandFernStyle). 

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riley brahm